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Argentina Attractions

Among the most popular travel attractions in Argentina are: Buenos Aires, the Iguazu Falls, the Andes Mountains, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia.

To the north of Buenos Aires, you can visit Iguazu Falls, which is one of the best natural wanders in the world. The waterfall comprises of about 270 falls along 2.7 kilometers.

The Pampas
: These vast plains extending westward across central Argentina from the Atlantic coast to the Andean foothills and in the east include the capital of Argentina - the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. This bustling city is full of sites to see, and is home to the best of the nations pastime - tango dancing.

: Patagonia is one of the largest regions in Argentina, located to the south. You can find whales, penguins, seals and sea lions in Peninsula Valdes, the biggest wildlife preserve in Argentina . Also visit the world renowned national parks in El Calafate and Tierra del Fuego.

Mendoza: Mendoza is the ideal destination for the lovers and admirers of wine and food. It also offers remarkable sights in and around the Andes Mountains, and the wine regions located in the western sides of Mendoza are truly picturesque.

Salta is located in the northern region of Argentina and is the region where the weather conditions remain stable the whole year around.

The Atlantic Coast: One of the favorite vacation destinations for many local Argentineans as well as the international traveller is the Atlantic coastline of Argentina. It remains at its best in the month of summer.

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