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Argentina Car Hire

Argentina is a very large country, and driving a hired car can be a great way of seeing it at your own pace.

The Argentinian expressways that surround the main cities are wide and expeditious, although they tend to become narrow and the quality worsen the further away you get from the larger urban areas. The continuing rural roads are not in good condition nor are they well marked with signs.

Expressways are privately owned; therefore you have to pay a toll from one stretch to another. Although there are plenty of gas stations in every city and on highways, it is wise to fill your gas tank before setting out on rural roads since gas stations are harder to find in isolated areas.

Car rental in Argentina tends to be costly. Most of the cities and tourist areas have car rentals; depending on the company you may be able to return the car in another city. To rent a car in Argentina you must be at least 21 and it is highly recommended to have an international driver's license.

Discounts are available for multi-day rental or weekly rental. You will need a credit card since Agencies take a print of the card as their guarantee instead of a deposit.

All motorists are required to carry two warning triangles, a fire extinguisher, a rigid tow bar, a first aid kit, full car documentation together with driving license and the handbrake must be fully operational. You must be sure that the renting agency gives you ownership papers of the vehicle because these have to be shown at police and military checks.

Since the driving style in Argentina is quite aggressive, you should only attempt to drive there if you are a confident and assertive driver. Many local drivers ignore red lights, stop signs and speed limits. When driving in the mountains, it is customary to blow your horn when coming round blind curves.

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