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Argentina Resorts

The Atlantic coast of Argentina is full of holiday resorts where Argentines and tourists like to spend the summer.
In Argentina you find three categories of resorts : holiday resorts, ski resorts and spa resorts. Holiday Resorts: The Atlantic coast is full of holiday resorts where Argentines, specially the people from Buenos Aires, like to spend the summer. Forests, sand dunes, fishing places, beaches, casinos, and nightlife are the principal attractions of well-known places such as San Clemente del Tuyu, Santa Teresita, San Bernardo , Pinamar , Caril , Villa Gesell, Miramar, Necochea and Mar del Plata - a city with half a million inhabitants and main fishing port on the Argentine coast.

Ski Resorts.If you would like to do some summer skiing and snowboarding, Argentina has a wide range of ski resorts to suit all abilities.Las Lenas is possible the most famous for the extreme skiers and those that crave powder, off-piste and backcountry skiing or snowboarding.Bariloche in the lake district of Patagonia is another well known resort with skiing for everyone in an idylic setting on lake Nahuel Huapi. Other ski resorts in Argentina are less frequented. Chapelco Ski Resort is located above the town of San Martin de los Andes in a beautiful lake district setting. It has a snowpark and tree skiing and a wide range of pistes to suit all abilities. Other resorts are much smaller situated in various locations. The season for skiing in Argentina is June to October, with high season in July and August.

Spa Resorts.You will find spa resorts located all over most of the country, in the cities as well as on the coast near the holiday destinations. The spa resorts offer various types of treatment, for most requests.

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