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When the building of Brasilia, Brazil's capital city, started in 1956 it was considered a landmark in the history of town planning.

Brasilia was build to be Brazil's new capital city. The idea was to transfer the federal capital of Brazil from the coats to the Midwest interior of the country. Previously the capital of Brazil was situated in Rio de Janeiro (1763-1960) and before that in Salvador



By relocating the capital city to the interior, the government intended to help populate that area of the country. People from all over Brazil were hired to build the city. Oscar Niemeyer, a famous Brazilian architect, is responsible for the advanced urban planning of the city that was completed in only 3 years, and in 1960 Brasilia became the new capital city.

In 1960 there were almost 140,000 residents in the new city. By 1970 this figure had grown to more than 537,000 inhabitants. In 2000 the population was more than 2,000,000. Planned for only 500,000 inhabitants,
Brasilia has seen its population grow much more than expected. Several satellite cities have been created over the years to house the extra inhabitants. This fact makes it the largest city (by population) in the world at the close of the 20th century that did not exist at the beginning of the century.

The city's planned design include specific areas fro almost everything, including accommodation, Hotels Sectors North and South. New hotel facilities area are being developed elsewhere, such as the hotels and tourism Sector North located on the shores of Lake Paranoá, a giant artificial lake built in order to increase the amount of water available to the region. It holds the second largest marina in Brazil, and is home to the capitals wakeboard and windsurf practitioners. Brasilia offers modern and comfortable hotels, including hotels managed by international changes, but it also offers cozy and modest inns, pensions and hostels.

Brasilia International Airport is a major hub for the rest of the country, connecting the capital to all major Brazilian cities and many international destinations. It is the third most important airport of Brazil, in terms of passengers and aircraft movements.


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