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Brazil Amazon Rainforest
Many people visiting Brazil have a cruise on the Amazon River high on their list of preferences, with the city of Manaus being the main starting point.
Brazil is a good starting point if you want to visit the Amazon Rainforest, as the bulk of rainforest lies within its boundaries. Manaus is the main hub for the Amazonas region in the north of Brazil, and is unique for a city of its size, in that road access is very limited. It relies much more on air travel and the vast network of rivers in the area. Nearly all visitors would fly in here for the start of their Amazon adventure, and continue their journey by boat. As one would expect, Manaus has a good choice of hotels and accommodation in most price levels.
More than a third of all species in the world live in the Amazon Rainforest, a giant tropical forest and river basin, and among the richest tropical forests in the world, and is the worlds most diverse biological area. The Amazon River has over 3,000 recognized species of fish and that number is still growing. The Amazon Rainforest encompasses most of northern Brazil, parts of nothern Bolivia, eastern Peru, eastern Ecuador, southeastern Colombia, southern Venezuela, southern Guyana, southern Suriname and southern French Guiana.

Oceangoing cruise ships usually visit
the Amazon as part of a longer, multi-country itineraries. Oceangoing ships can only travel the Lower Amazon from Belem at the mouth of the river and 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) upstream to the Brazilian city of Manaus in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest with more than a million inhabitants and very little road access. The smaller expedition-like ships with a shallower draft sail on both the Lower Amazon in Brazil and the Upper Amazon and its tributaries.

Amazon cruise on the smaller boats have starting points in 4 different countries: Brazil, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. In Brazil most cruises will leave from Manaus. This is one of the best cruises since it allows you to explore the jungle. You may also be able to take smaller boats into the denser areas on the river.



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