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Brazil Hotels

In Brazil there is a wide range of options for hotels and accommodation, from little independent boutique hotels to hotels of well known international chains.
Hotels are plentiful in just about all areas of Brazil and can range from luxury beach resorts to very modest and inexpensive accommodation. In Brazil there is no official hotel rating system, so a 1-5 star rating can not be completely relied on, and you should check out the facilities and services before you book your hotel. This can usually be done by visiting the hotels website, or by asking travel agencies.

Guest houses, called Pousada, are usually simpler than hotels, and will offer less services. Pousadas are even more widespread than hotels. In rural areas or in the wilderness travelers usually stay farmhouses, called fazendas, which are ranches guest facilities. In small towns you may find farm hotels, hotéis-fazenda where you can swim, ride, walk and do other activities. Be aware that motel is the local term for a "sex hotel". Its is possible to stay at a motel, but the room service and rates are geared to adults staying for a few hours with utmost discretion and privacy. Youth hostels are becoming increasingly common.

High season in Brazil follows the school holidays calendar, December and January being the busiest months. New Year, Carnival and Holy Week are the peak periods, and prices can go up dramatically, especially in coastal cities like Rio de Janeiro and Salvador. During those holidays many hotels restrict their bookings to a 3 or 4+ day minimum and charge in advance.


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