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Chile Accommodation
When holidaying in Chile you can stay at a hotel or you have the option of renting a variety of Chile villas, apartments, chalets, cottages and condos.
Hotels: Chile has an official hotel rating system. The classification authority is the National Tourism Board. The classification of hotels in Chile is not mandatory and only about 20% of hotels in Chile use the official rating system, representing around 35% of the total room capacity. All hotels in Chile can apply to be classified. The classification system is based on star rating, where 5 stars is the highest. The main criteria referred to for classification are: availability of services, e.g. restaurant facilities, meeting rooms, recreational and parking. At present it is not part of the criteria to evaluate quality of service, infrastructure or minimum requirements. The local hotel association and national tourism administration are working on a plan to review the current classification system to include the mentioned aspects.
Since so limited number of hotels in Chile at present are rated, tourist in many cases have to rely on the hotel’s own classification or the classifications made by the travel agencies.
Villa and Apartment rentals: When holidaying in Chile you have the option of renting a variety of Chile Villas, apartments, chalets, cottages and condos, if you want a self-catering holiday. Some are very luxurious, others very basic. It all depends on how much you are prepared to pay. You can rent directly from the owner or through an agency. The option to rent is available most places in Chile, also at the skiing resorts.
Motels: Those travelling by car will find motels along the Panamericana where guests usually stay in small bungalows. They are safe and acceptable places to stay.
Hostels: Simple hostels (recidencial, hostal, hosteria, casa de fanilia) offer cheap accommodation, but you will have to make allowances when it comes to comforts. There are few youth hostels, and they are only open in mid-summer (January/February).
Camping: Especially in some of the National Parks, tent camping is the only option. Most camping sites have only modest facilities; showers and hot water are an exception. In the tourist centers, privately run sites often offer more comfort, but sometimes only at a considerable price.

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