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Chile Flights
Chile has many airports spread all over the regions of the country, the biggest is Santiago International Airport.

There are 290 airports with unpaved runways and 73 airports with paved runways in Chile located in all the major regions and cities of the country. Chile being one of the major tourist destinations in south-western coastal regions of South America is visited by a large number of tourists from across the world throughout the year, which makes all the airports of Chile very popular and busy. 

Santiago International Airport is located near city and is known as Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport. The Santiago International Airport is the biggest airport in the country with an annual passenger count of nearly 7 million. It is also the hub of the national transporter of the country.

Some of the other major airports in the country are: Chacalluta International Airport in Arica,  El Tepual International Airport in Puerto Montt, Cerro Moreno International in Antofagasta,  Maquehue in Temuco, El Loa in Calama, El Salvador Bajo in El Salvador

Airports in Chile offer excellent services and amazing facilities to all their passengers. Lan Airlines and Sky Airlines are the two major airlines that operate in most of the Chile Airports. The international flights operating include British Airways, American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa and many more.

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