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Chile Resorts
Chile has many Holiday Resorts along its Pacific coast; in the Andes there are Ski Resorts with good powder at high altitude.
Valparaiso , and particularly Vina del Mar, is the most important tourist area in the country and one of the most attractive of its kind in South America. Between Los Molles in the North and Santo Domingo in the South, the coastline of theValparaiso region is scattered with beaches which are among the most popular in the country due to their varied infrastructure and proximity to the capital (120 km. from Santiago).

Exclusive seaside resorts are those of Zapallar and Cachagua which mix the beauty of the landscape with the architectonic tradition in Zapallar and the harmony of stile in Cachagua. Maitencillostands out for its restaurants which are highly visited throughout the year by gourmets who enjoy dishes prepared with fish.

The ski resorts in Chile have good powder at high altitude, with plenty of clear sunny days. The snow is at its best in August and early September, the tail-end of the southern hemisphere winter.

Among the most popular
 ski resorts in Chile are: Valle Nevado, La Perva and Colorado, known as the Tres Valles. These three resorts lie about one and a half hours drive from Santiago. They are now linked by a common lift system and together provide a huge skiable area.
Other ski resorts worth mentioning are Chillan, a pretty big resort on the south side of the volcano of the same name, Antuco, a small resort with just two tows and about 600 meters of vertical run, and Villarrica, a good resort on the slopes of Volcan Villarrica.

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