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Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon in southern Peru's Arequipa region is an area of astounding scenic beauty, and Peru's third most-visited tourist destination.

The Colca Canyon is best known to be reportedly the world's deepest canyon, reaching a depth of 4,160 meters (13,640'), whose depth can most easily be appreciated from the viewpoint Cruz del Condor. It also offers a vibrant indigenous culture, high-quality handicrafts, and a range of activities from adventure sports to mystical tourism and tourist home-stays.

The valley features an incredible amount of Inca and pre-Inca agricultural terraces and the irrigation systems necessary to operate them.

A journey to the Colca Canyon will take you throughout high Andean plateau, reaching at one point a high pass of 4800 meters, which offers fine views of the Volcanoes. Along the way visitors can enjoy unique natural sceneries, as well as animal life; such as herds of Vicugnas (a wild relative of Llamas and Alpacas) and various types of birds, of which stand out the giant hummingbird, eagles, gooses and the mighty Andean Condor.

If you like adventure tours, the Canyon also offers wonderful treks down to its button, descending throughout huge mountains, exploring oasis-like valleys, thermal springs, and camping outdoors. Tourists generally arrive in Chivay, a nice and very friendly town at the beginning of the canyon, with plenty of hotels and hostels, and restaurants--as well as La Calera hot springs.

Between December and March, the waters of the Colca River offer for the lovers of canoeing, one of the best places in the world for the practice of this sport. It includes rapids of high speed (gradient + V), and great isolation in certain tracks. The upper part (Andagua) and the middle of it can be navigated in kayaks by sportsmen with much experience. This is an area of pure adrenaline.

The lower part of the river can be navigated in rubber rafts, it does not have long rapids but the beauty of its landscape and clarity of its waters will give you an unforgettable experience, and it will also provide strong emotions and high doses of adrenaline. This area can also be navigated from April to November.

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