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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is by many considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Rio is famous as a hotspot of passion and sensuality.
Rio de Janeiro is the second largest city and former capital of Brazil (in 1960 Brasilia became the capital). It is the cultural center of the country as well as financial, commercial, communication and transport hub. Rio de Janeiro has one of the world's most beautiful natural harbors. It is surrounded by low mountain ranges, which extend to the waterside, across the city. These mountains include Sugar Loaf mountain, Corcovado Peak and the hills of Tijuca.


The beaches in Rio de Janeiro are world famous. The warm water, fantastic views, entertainment and beach goers are all part of the attraction. Among the most famous beaches are Copacabana and Ipanema. Rio de Janeiro is also famous for the giant Jesus statue known as Christ the Redeemer on the Corcovado mountain, for the Sugar Loaf Mountain and for the Stadium of Maracanã.

However, one of the first images to pop up in a traveler's mind, when Rio de Janeiro is mentioned, is the annual Carnival celebration. Rio Carnival has become world famous through the Samba Parade, a show, a display and competition of the Rio Samba Schools. The two major days are Carnival Sunday and Monday. The second best option is the Champions Parade on Saturday, followed by the Access Group parading on Carnival Friday. The annual carnival is held 40 days before Easter, so in 2010 the Rio Carnival starts on Saturday 13th February and ends on Fat Tuesday on the 16th February.


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