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Santiago’s central location in the country makes it a great base for visiting some of Chile’s attractions like the Andes, the beaches on the Pacific coast and major wine regions.
Santiago is easy to master, as many of the city’s main attractions are located in the small downtown area sandwiched between the Rio Mapocho (Mapocho River), Avenida Bernado O’Higgins (Alameda) and Cerro Santa Lucia. Bellavista, just north of the river, is a popular area for its handicraft shops, cultural attractions and nightlife options, situated below Cerro San Cristobal, which looms over the city.
Santiago is not famed for its architectural heritage, unlike other Latin American cities such as Mexico City or Buenos Aires. Those visiting Chile for leisure are unlikely to make it a highlight of their trip and most take only a fleeting glimpse before heading off in search of natural wonders. Nevertheless, Santiago has much to offer travelers eager for cultural diversion and serene oases can be found in even the most fume-choked streets of the downtown area. Affluent Chileans, and indeed many ex-pats, are eager to portray the center of town as a lawless ghetto and warn against spending time there. Despite a rise in non-violent petty crime, however, the horror stories are largely exaggerated. Visitors prepared to venture beyond their hotel lobby will find a city of lively markets, atmospheric old quarters and shady parks with thriving artistic, social and cultural scenes. The city’s museums, albeit small, boast impressive collections, while quality cuisine is accessible to those on even the tightest of budgets.

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